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Office Closed

To all my patients. I have retired and closed the office. It has been a joy and a pleasure taking care of you.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in me.

What To Do

Prescription Refills

Prescriptions are no longer being refilled.


Physician Recommendations

The recommendations for Pap smears have changed. Age 21 to 29 it is every three years. Age 30 to 65 It is every five years with negative HPV co testing.

This is a list of a few OB/GYN‘s that are in the area. There are many more available, this list is a suggestion. Please establish a new OB/GYN or a primary care physician that can provide you continuity of care.


Medical Records

Please complete the release of records and either email or fax.

Contact Information

Fax: (913) 416-9555